Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Value & Opportunity

Adding value is an essential component to any organization and its members. The organization must seek to add value to its stakeholders such as customers, employees, and its surrounding community. In addition, members should work to add value to their organization, their peers, and those they serve.

What does value mean, what kind of value should added, and at what cost? Too many organizations today strive to be lean demanding more from their members for the same level of compensation. These same organizations site the economy as the reason behind their practices. But what happens once the economy recovers at a stronger more rapid pace and these overworked employees simultaneously decide to  move on to another company? There will be little fat left to heal the wounds and revamp the business.

Current economic conditions presents more of an opportunity to deepen the relationship and strengthen the commitment and buy in of organizational members. Organizational leaders should embrace this and give their members opportunities to innovate and explore new profitable ventures. People have tremendous power to reinvent an organization and find new ways to add value to the world around them if given a genuine opportunity. 

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